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Various car brand and what they stand for


Various Car Brands And What They Are KnownFor

There are different perceptions that boarders around every car brand we have today most especially the top brands.

Whenever you hear of a particular brand, there is always a vice that whispers something to your soul. Take for Instance, Rolls Royce. Something like luxury, expensive, wealth came to your mind when you heard the brand name Rolls Royce. This applies for every other car brand.

The aim of this post is to tell you what some of the leading car brands are known for.

1. Rolls Royce (Luxury)

This is the undisputed king of Luxury. Rolls Royce cars are associated with luxury, wealth, class etc. it is not a brand meant for just anybody.

2. BMW (Performance)

Performance, sportiness and fancy are the perfect words that can be used to describe the BMW brand. The brand often makes cars packed with advanced technologies. The BMW brand is known as the drivers’ car. Folks who have tremendous power, high speed cornering, and comfort would always go for the Bimmer.

3. Volvo (Safety)

Volvo is the Swedish brand that is known for safety all over the world. They don’t drag that with anybody. These guys are the innovators of most safety features we use in every car today. That can go a long way to make their car safe even if it’s trading off beauty, weight and what have you.

4. Mercedes Benz (Class)

Mercedes on one of the most respected brands of the German origin. It’s a brand that stands for style, class, efficiency. Mercedes Benz has won the heart of many all around the world.

5. Toyota – (Reliability)

A lot of people around the world have the strong conviction that Toyota is a very reliable brand amongst all. Even in this part of the world, reliability is one of the major reasons for Toyota Brand popularity. Be it as it may, every car is reliable on its own way; it all boils down to how you use it and your maintenance culture.

6. Honda:

The Honda brand is very similar to its Toyota cousin. It is considered to be the sportier version of Toyota. Honda cars are sleeker, more balanced, sportier, and roomier than the cousin Toyota



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