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Timothy Moten Quit His Job For Anthony Joshua To Defeat Andy Ruiz Jnr 


Meet the boxer who quit his job to help AJ prepare for Ruiz Jr rematch

He quit his job, left his fian

cee for three months, wrote to Eddie Hearn and got his friends to bombard Anthony Joshua’s team on social media… how a carpet cleaner from Kentucky became AJ’s sparring partner

*Timothy Moten has studied Andy Ruiz Jnr for years and adopted a similar style
*The American offered to spar Anthony Joshua before his shock loss to Ruiz Jnr
*Moten went to extreme lengths to contact AJ’s team to get in camp for rematch
*He even quit his job as a carpet cleaner after being invited in for sparring with AJ

Moten had studied Ruiz Jnr closely since 2012 and watched countless videos of his previous fights, trying to unlock the secrets of his success against men significantly bigger than himself, and picking up tricks of the trade here and there. As a squat heavyweight with his own ambitions, it seemed like a productive way to spend his spare time more than anything else.

But when the Mexican was announced as Joshua’s late replacement for Jarrell Miller following his failed drugs test, he heard the sound of opportunity knocking.

‘I just thought at the time, ‘I have got to get into camp. No matter what it takes, I have to get into camp’,’ he tells Sportsmail.

By the time Ruiz stepped in to save the show as it was described, Joshua had just four weeks left to adapt to a fighter whose physique and style was considerably different to Miller’s.


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