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Ten Things all Class Reps can Relate to


If you’re a class rep  reading this, (bro see my hand), weldone! Gbààyì! Your actual reward is in heaven. Not whatever change they may be giving you (that’s even if you’re been given any). You actually deserve more. This post was meant to serve more or less of a guide to you.
Enough of the talking, read on:
1. You’ll have to contend with those people who don’t like you.
Of course for you to be at the leading position and head of class, there sure must be a number of your class members who won’t like you for one reason or the other. While some would naturally dislike you for no particular reason, others because they wish to be in your position. So expect to meet stiff opposition. They might not want to challenge you openly or directly, but there’s that attitude they’ll always exhibit. And if you’re smart enough, you should be able to deduce and manage them accordingly.
2. You must have an answer to every question.
As the leader, of course its one of your inbound duties to always be there to provide answers and solutions to whatever issues that may arise which concerns the class generally. All though, this can be really difficult especially when you’re dealing with a class with a high population. The higher the number of people in class, the bigger your responsibility.
3. …And you must learn to tolerate the stupid questions too
In as much as its your responsibility to have the right answers to questions, some class members go out of context most atimes by asking stupid or unnecessary questions. This makes the work even more difficult for the Class Rep. They’ll throw questions at you like: “Class rep, abeg when school dey vacate?” (when the school calendar is boldy pasted on notice boards or available on the school website), or “Class rep, exam go still start next week shey?” (If the timetable has been adjusted, wouldn’t you have heard about it?).. Worse still, some would want to ask the really annoying questions like: “Class Rep, who be your babe na?” (Guy.. Whyyyyyyy? ). As annoying as it could get, some of your class members would call you as early as 5am, disturbing your sweet sleep, just to ask whether the lecture at 10am that morning would still hold (na this one dey pain me pass). For God’s sake how class rep wan take know? Abi class rep don dey see future ni?
4. You’re so many persons in one.
Yes, you’re the class rep. But at the same time, you’re somebody’s boyfriend. You’re somebody’s brother, somebody’s bestfriend and all that. Some lecturers would even turn you to an errand boy. You’re also a politician by disposition… You just have to learn and adapt well to living as so many persons in one. The down side of this aspect is that, all these responsibilities could be really detrimental to your studies in the long run. Because being a man of many parts, you’d rarely find spare time to study except perhaps deep in the night which is time meant for rest and sleep. If you attempt to do it during the day, concentrating tends to become a challenge, alongside the distractions and many phone call

5.You must dress/appear neat and corporate all the time.
Nobody likes a shabby class rep. Because they expect you to properly represent your class and department. You have to look your best at all times. The fact that you are in constant contact with the lecturers also, is also reason enough for you to not want to ‘mis-dress’. Most of the lecturers, especially the professors, are very stringent with regards to dressing. Some might not even allow you into their office if you aren’t dressed well enough to their approval.
6. You must have perfect communication skills.
Lol, I’m not implying that all class reps must be talkatives or sweet talkers. But at some point in time, the need for applying one or both of the above is necessary. At first instances, a class rep musn’t be shy to stand in front of the class or even a larger audience to talk. Secondly, he must have good command of the English diction. Aside that, he must be eloquent and persuasive. Persuasiveness comes handy when for example you’re trying to save your class members from failure by trying hard to convince that lecturer to postpone his test. Believe me, you need these skills.
7. You must be able to manage time/resources properly.
This is where your skill of compromise comes in. I’m not implying the fellow must be good in economics, but you should be able to recognize the opportunity costs in whatever you do whenever you’re faced with multiple simultaneous decisions. No much talk is needed here though. I believe this particular criteria is for everybody.
8. You must be able to handle anger and pressure
First of all you must understand that before you were a class rep, you are a human being, thus you have your own shortcomings too. Being human makes you susceptible to certain imperfections. You’re liable to lose focus and patience atimes, amidst the intense pressure. There’s always that tendency for mood swings. Somebody could annoy you and you’ll lose it. What really matters is how best you control yourself. Aside that, the fact that you’re human means you can fall sick. You might come late to class atimes. You can be hungry. Class members need to understand these. Class Rep is not a machine. He runs on food, water and oxygen too just like you.
9. Because you get attention from the ladies in class, you must learn to handle the boys in class who are envious that
Lol.. This one is self explanatory and for sure inevitable. The situation intensifies when you’re class rep and you’re fresh. Its only normal for the ladies in class to drool all over you and shower you with attention. But remember the buddies in class might actually not be cool with that.
And lastly, (this one is more of an advice though)…
10. You must be good at taking and giving advice
This is very important for any leader, not just a class rep. Because for sure, you don’t know it all. So you need to be counselled too from time to time. Don’t feel too big brother.



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