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Sex Dolls: The World Is In Trouble.What Nobody will tell you about it.


SEX DOLLS : The world is in trouble

The kingdom of darkness will stop at nothing in their aggressive pursuit to enslave the souls of men.

The invention of sex dolls or sex machines is an unmistakable proof that the world is in big trouble.

For all those unsuspecting and undiscerning men and women who considers this as just another tool meant render prostitutes jobless, there is more to this than meets the eye.

Sex has been the most potent and result yielding tool deployed by the enemy of man’s soul to captivate, torture and neutralize his destiny.

A sex doll at the moment costs about N800,000 which is considered to be on the high side. The real war starts when it becomes affordable to many.

With the invention and acceptance of sex dolls across the world , the fallouts listed below becomes inevitable.

(1) Sex becomes accessible without a human partner.

(2) Commercial sex workers are most likely going out of business.

(3) Reduction in sexually transmitted diseases.

(4) Brothel owners will replace sex workers with sex dolls.

(5) One more excuse to stay single as the dolls are built to meet biological needs.

(6) Reduction in unwanted pregnancies.

To the Spiritually discerning;

(7) These dolls are an access gate for fresh sex demons to penetrate the human race.

(cool These dolls provide a comfortable place of abode for sex demon(s)

(9) These sex dolls will introduce STDs that cannot be detected by medical laboratories.

(10) These dolls will fast become sex shrines demanding sexual inter course as a form of sex worship from their owners and those who patronise them as the case may be.

(11) The demons living in these sex dolls will spiritually remote control the lives of their owners or customers as the case may be.

(12) These sex dolls will not only engage in physical sexual activities with their customers or owners, they will extend their services to the dream world.

(13) Spirit wives and husbands will rise astronomically

(14) Sex addiction will be on the rise

(15) Marriage to sex dolls.

In the end, this is an invitation to the accelerated destruction of stars and destinies of humanity.

The world is clearly in trouble, watch and pray


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