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On The Road? Eight Hit Songs To Add To Your Playlist


On The Road? Eight Hit Songs To Add To Your Playlist

Sometimes, you find yourself stuck in traffic or caught on transit for a terribly long journey that guarantees to be boring. Aside from sleep, what else can you use to pass the time or rather, make it worthwhile, other than music?

We have compiled some songs to include to your playlist and why:

Send me away–  Nasty C ft Rowlene

When the ride takes you up and down, you can follow the beauty of this song like ‘ABC’, although for broken hearts this song tells a story, different actually for those who would want to listen over and over again.

Nwa baby – Davido

Use this song to move those cramped legs and steal those boring moments with this song that is not too loud but offers you a gentle beat, funny lyrics, and video that can play over and over again in your head.


You need to have a Fela on the trip. Get reflective and open your mind to truths you never knew could be told in certain ways.

Farewell – Rihanna

An oldie, this song goes to the hearts of all lovers because it gives hope to a lover left behind and promises them so many stories because ‘…they will write to tell you what is going on.’

Airplanes – BOB

If you are on a bus and you want to pretend you are in an airplane, this song is your go to. Aside from the fact that it helps you not to sleep, with this song, anything is possible and every wish comes together in your head.

Moti gba na – Olamide

Aside from the fact that it is one of the happening songs, it has a good and active vibe. With this, you get to “pari wo ye”, make all the noise in your head that you couldn’t have otherwise made in a bus.


With songs like What a beautiful name it isI surrender and Oceans, you soak in the calming effect and soothing tune as you wait for the traffic to ease up or for your destination. You could also consider starting the ride with this song and committing it all to God.

Money trees – Kendrick Lamar feat Jay Rock

Get featured on this song too as you sing repetitively with both acts. It is a dream!

…the truth is, the list is endless. From albums to lyrics that are relatable, plug in your earpiece and rock your world


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