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Omoni Oboli: Actress is back in school!

Omoni Oboli

Omoni Oboli is back to school and this time she is in Oxford University.

Wondering where Omoni Oboli is at the moment? Yes, guys, she is presently back in school and we are loving every bit of this experience.

The movie star announced to her fans followers on Instagram on Monday, September 3, 2018, with a photo of herself in class. She went on to caption the photo with a quote.

"It’s Oxford baby!             I’m committed to living my best life now! Sometimes we let our hair down in Dubai...Sometimes we sit in class in Oxford! Loving Saïd business school Oxford How’s your day going #Omonifam? #AfricanButter #TheFirstLady   Always remember that I love you," she wrote.


Congratulations Omoni Oboli on this new move as we can't wait for her to come home with a certificate. Omoni Oboli isn't the only celebrity who has in recent times attended an ivy league school abroad. Recall a few months ago, Chika Ike graduated from Havard Business School.

Chika Ike completes her study at Harvard Business School


Back in February 2018, Chika Ike announced to fans that she had completed to her studies at the Harvard Business School. The beautiful and sexy actress who couldn't hide her joy and excitement took to her Instagram page on Sunday, February 4th, 2018 where she posted a photo of herself with her certificate.


She had a few words to say about her 8 months journey in school and how her passion and zeal made her succeed. Chika Ike had in July 2017 announced that she would be attending the prestigious Harvard Business School. According to her, this was her fifth time of trying to get into the institution.