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Miracle [BBNaija]: Toyin Lawani comes for reality tv star for allegedly dumping Nina [Video]


Miracle Ikechukwu

Toyin Lawani might be crying more than the bereaved as she calls out Miracle for dumping Nina opening on Instagram.

Toyin Lawani is fighting Nina’s battle as she has come for Miracle for allegedly dumping her on Instagram.

The fashion entrepreneur in a series of post on her Instagram page called out Miracle for dumping Nina publicly on social media. According to her, she knew from the unset that Miracle wasn’t really into Nina because he never wanted to make their relationship public.

“To everyone saying KARMA. it wasn’t KARMA that helped Miracle win the money, it was Nina,  it would have been fair if he got her the car and the Dubai trip he promised, she did it all by herself, ordinary phone he couldn’t even buy,” she posted on her Instagram stories.

Toyin Lawani in her video rants said she warned Nina of Miracle’s excesses but she never listened because she claimed to love him. She went on brag about how things have been turning around for Nina, saying her skin care line is in progress.

These statements attributed to Toyin Lawani doesn’t come as a surprise to many because she has been a huge fan and supporter of Nina since the end of the BBNaija season three. Let’s not forget in a hurry that she got Nina a car after the show on her birthday.

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Nina gets a surprise car gift from Toyin Lawani (Video)

In June 2018, Nina got a big surprise gift that she wasn’t expecting asshe was presentrf with a car on her birthday from touin lawani 

In a video which went viral, Toyin Lawani is seen presenting the car gift to Nina. An overjoyed Nina can be seen screaming and so is the crowd in the background. We won’t blame Nina for been a bit confused for some few seconds in the video because you don’t wake up every day for gifts like this especially when it is a car.

For those who aren’t so into cars and don’t know which car Toyin Lawani got for Nina, let’s make it easy for you all, it is a Toyota Carmy car. Even though it is not so clear what year it was made, it should be between 2008 and 2012 model but it is beautiful and red in colour.