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Lady slap’s police man.See what happens next.


A brave Nigerian woman using the handle @annie_vams has narrated on Twitter how she slapped a policeman who had the effrontery to touch her
bumbum in public.

The woman who obviously didn’t think about the consequences of her actions before she did it, slapped him anyway and since she was able to come online to narrate the entire story with a fine face, it can be said that the officer was left dumbfounded as he realized he had done wrong.

She wrote: “More some of you in this lagos are mad.

Cos you’re an officer with a gun doesn’t give you the stupid guts to slap my ass.
Slapping that police man this evening will teach him never to mis use his power again.

I only stepped out to get deodorant now i’m back with anger.

Useless man!”
According to her, the police officer was left dumbfounded after the incident. A user asked her what the officer did after receiving the hot slap and she responded “He was confused.”


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