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Kalon Services | Professional Cleaning Company Comes to Abia State University.


Cleaning services aren’t restricted to companies alone, they also include home services just in case the house is too big for you or you are too busy, there is no need to stress yourself, these guys are just a phone call away.

Kalon Services | Professional Cleaning Company in Abia State University.

kalon services is a dependable cleaning company in Nigeria you can trust for your home and office cleaning services.

Are you too busy to clean your room?

Do you need help in taking care of your kitchens and bathrooms?

Is your offices too dirty you need help to clean it up ?

Then think no more because kalon services is here to help you clean your stuff .

This is the first cleaning service in Okigwe and Abia State University with a good reputation round the state, They bring neatness closer to you. Making sure your environment is well taken care off for your own health benefit .

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They offer these services

Our professional maid services cleaning in residence on a call out or regular scheduled basic, will guarantee peaceful and convivial atmosphere for health living
we provide this services whenever we are in your home

They specialize in residential and commercial cleaning. Our cleaners are available 7 days a week in all areas in ABSU.

They also offer competitive packages for long term subscribers of our services.

At kalon service they ensure a high level of customer service and take into account client feedback to continuously improve there services. Our teams of professional cleaners are well-trained, highly skilled and fully verified.

They are definition of professionalism

They provide services similar to domestic cleaners such as cleaning of rooms, kitchen appliances, cabinets, tables and chairs and counters and General Space Sanitation.

Contact: +2349011999682




They are  known for their rapid response, once they and their prospect agree on a fee, they’re good to go.




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