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First Ever Food festival hits ABSU “Stop n’ chaw”


First ever Food festival hits ABSU

ABSU are you ready for the first ever food festival . The new and latest  hit event comes down to absu ..

Where are the food lovers in Abia state university..where are the diet classical ones. The food event is here titled “stop n’ chaw”

Its time for the food lovers and wife material in the house. Are you a lover of good meal  and a well prepared food. This event is for you. With music ,Games cooking programs, cooking classes ,Great diet class from high personnel from around the campuses. This is a food exhibition for student providing great source of revenue and knowledge.

Are you looking out to learn how to cook a particular type of male . This is your time .You can not miss this .

We would bring students that sell anything food, snacks, drinks to come and be vendors then we bring students to come and watch their exhibition and buy too
There would music.. Games.. Cooking classes
An event like a food festival

There will be a lot of other events like music and comedy .Get ready to enjoy your self…

Cooking competitions.


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