Home Business Donald Trump Meeting With Tech Billionaires (Photos)

Donald Trump Meeting With Tech Billionaires (Photos)

onald Trump Meeting With Tech Billionaires (Photos)
onald Trump Meeting With Tech Billionaires (Photos)

Apart from Peter Thiel, CEO of PayPal, every other tech billionaire in this room including Amazon boss Jeff Bezos supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. This picture was taken during a meeting with the biggest tech billionaires at Trump Tower, December 14, 2016 in New York City.
Anyways, the reason he decided to meet these Silicon Valley Titans is after his election victory is to discuss on ways of moving the tech industry forward but that’s not our problem right now. The main focus of this post is to talk about the amount of money these billionaires control.

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The picture above shows tech billionaires and their net worth as of 2016. Techcapon.com have decided to update that picture with the latest net worth of these guys in 2018. Some of them have become richer ever since Donald Trump came into office while some have become poorer, lol. But know this, no matter what, these guys have more money in their pockets than some countries have in their entire foreign reserves. They are billionaires. SEE UPDATED PICTURE BELOW.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg snubbed the meeting, instead he sent in Sheryl Sandberg to represent him. Same thing with Twitter, Trump’s favorite social media. It is also interesting to know that Trump is seriously attacking Jeff Bezos right now from all angles but so far that hasn’t stopped the Amazon strongman from soaring higher.
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Jeff Bezos (AMAZON) $143.1B


Sheryl Sandberg (FACEBOOK) $1.56B

Donald Trump ($3.7B)

Peter Thiel (PAYPAL) $2.5B

Tim Cook (APPLE) $400M

Safra Catz (ORACLE) $510M

Elon Musk (TESLA) $20B

Eight of them alone is worth over $220B . Don’t forget there are many other tech billionaires not in the picture.



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