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Covid-19: Impact in Nigerian Universities and the way forward.


Covid-19, it’s impact in Nigerian Universities and the way forward.

Corona virus (COVID-19) is a new strain of corona virus first identified in Wuhan China, named corona virus disease 2019. ‘Co’ stands for corona, ‘VI’ stands for virus and ’19’ for 2019.

COVID-19 is linked go the same family of   as severe acute Respiratory syndrome (SARS) and some type of common cold. It’s very true that WHO has declared it a pandemic, that is an acknowledgement of the diseases geographical spread not that it has become deadlier.

How the virus spreads

COVID-19 is transmitted through contacts with respiratory droplets of an infected Person ( generated through coughing,sneezing etc)  and surfaces contaminated the virus . COVID-19 can survive on surfaces from a few hours several days but simple disinfectants can kill it.

COVID-19 is transmitted through contacts with respiratory droplets or contaminated surfaces therefore, it is not airborne.

The symptoms of COVID-19.

The symptoms . fever, Cough and shortness of breath , in more severe case, it can manifest as pneumonia or breathing difficulties . The symptoms  are similar  to flu or common cold which are a lot more common than COVID-19. The patten of COVID-19 that has entered Nigeria is one without visible symptoms but known to manifest after 14 days .

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Nigeria Universities and COVID-19

COVID-19  has done enough harm to out universities already by holding her activities to a still. It has in fact put everything in the world on hold. students are at home currently all scared for there lifes and staying in doors making sure to stay safe and also obeying the government rules for all citizens to stay at home so as to reduce the rate of the spread of the virus. This has left the fate of our universities students totally undecided as no trusted cure has been proffered.

The only preventive measure now includes the closure of state borders, campaigns in favour of both personal and public hygiene, restrictions of movement and this has gone a long way to help.

 The way forward

Asking universities to re-open would be a bold step in the wrong direction as this would increase the spread of this virus. A good option would be for Nigerian universities to go online, yes, you read correctly, “go online”.

The government should empower Vice chancellors to equip their lectures to go online with the students. Exams and tests should be written online, next semester courses should be handled online, leaving the students alone to their fate at this time is not a good thing to do, they should be

Engaged online and continue offline whenever a trusted medication against COVID-19 has been made available.

By Ekebugo Grace



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