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9ice Expecting His 5th Child With Olori Oluwayemisi, His 4th Baby Mama To Be


Multiple media reports claim that Nigerian singer, 9ice is reportedly expecting his 5th child from the 4th woman after impregnating Lagos based skin care expert, Olori Oluwayemisi.

Before now, 9ice has welcomed 4 other kids with three different women which isn’t a secret in the Nigerian media space. 9ice’s 2008 marriage to Toni Payne produced a son, Zion while the singer also welcomed twin daughters from a brief romance with Abuja based, Vicky Godis and his 4th child, Michelle came from Olasukanmi Ajala back in 2015.

The new lady reportedly pregnant for the father of 4 is Olori Oluwayemisi, a skin care expert who runs Zenics Skincare outfit in Lekki, Lagos.

this shouldn’t come as a surprise

In an old interview with Ebony Live TV, 9ice announced his intentions to have 20 children and of course they will not come from one woman. According to 9ice, he plans to marry as many women who will help him achieve the feat.

“I want twenty kids, I have just four now. I have sixteen to go,’ he said before asking the women why they want to ‘own him.”

In a previously aired part of the same interview, 9ice said that he can not be with one woman for the rest of his life as it will be unfair to other women.

“Do you think if I stay married to just one woman, do you know how many women will end up without husbands?” he asked.



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