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Manchester United: Jose Mourinho Says £300m Spent Not Enough


Manchester United’s two biggest signings – Paul
Pogba and Romelu Lukaku – have both arrived in Jose
Mourinho’s 18 months
Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho says the
£300m he has spent on his squad so far is “not
enough” after their 2-2 draw with Burnley on
Jesse Lingard scored an injury-time equaliser and
the draw leaves United 12 points behind leaders
Manchester City.
“We are in the second year of trying to rebuild a
football team that you know is not one of the best
teams in the world,” said the Portuguese.
“Manchester City buy full-backs for the price of
strikers,” he added.
Mourinho was appointed United boss in May 2016 and
broke the world record last summer to sign £89m
midfielder Paul Pogba, plus £30m defender Eric Bailly
and midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan for £26.3m.
This year’s big deal was £75m striker Romelu Lukaku,
as well as £31m defender Victor Lindelof and £40m
for midfielder Nemanja Matic.
“[Spending £300m] is not enough. The price for the big
clubs is different than for the other clubs. The big
historical clubs are normally punished in the market
because of that history,” he said.
“The boys are doing what they can and they are
doing fine.”
Mourinho was asked if eight points from the past five
games was good enough for a club like United.
He responded: “When you tell a club like Man Utd, do
you think Milan is not as big as us? You think Real
Madrid are not as big as we are?
“I know what a big club is. One thing is a big club
and another thing is a big football team. They are
two different things.
“When you speak about responsibilities to win the
Premier League, Tottenham doesn’t have that
responsibility because they are not a club with the
same history as us.
“Arsenal don’t have the responsibility to win it.
Chelsea don’t have the responsibility to win it. When
you speak about big football clubs, you are speaking
about the history of the club.”


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