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7 Problems You Can’t Escape As An Entrepreneur in 2019 (here’s What you must do)


Making it in entrepreneurship should be fun, and that’s how successful entrepreneurs would paint it for you. But they rarely tell you the bitter truths they faced. Smiles!

Donald Trump said challenges are what made him attain the level of wealth he is today. According to him, he is proud to have used challenges as spanner which fit the bolts and nuts of his presence wealth security.

See! these challenges will come. And when these business problems come, take a chill, draft a plot “how can I deal with this”.
When I experienced them, I felt like quitting. But the passion and vision I had pushed me the more, and I have been conquering these challenges perfectly. See this is why I said you shouldn’t startup a business you ain’t passionate of.

Although, you can still follow your passion wrongly but if you plan well the SWOT analysis of your area of interest, it saves you money and a waste of time.
Even if you are passionate about what you do or about to do to make more money, it would be better you know about these compulsory factors. This will prepare you for “the worst” in “the better days ahead”.

Table of Content
1 Frustration
2 Insult
3 Lifestyle Change
4 Fear and Failure
5 Loneliness
6 Hiring and Firing
7 Personal Finance

7.1 Conclusion


This happens when your spending seem a waste. Don’t fret when it seems things don’t work out. You’ll think you’re missing out but you’re learning by the process.
What you have to do is more research on why you ain’t getting things right. You might do a few Google search or ask authorities in the area you’re investing in.

According to reports, suicidal actions might flow in. You shouldn’t even allow that. You’d assume that you are broke and empty even while serving your customers.
In fact, you need to experience these moments, so that when success starts to creep in, you’d know how to manage your revenue rightly.
Frustration is the topmost height when you’d feel to quit. But don’t quit. Rather find out what you could be missing out.


Patrick David, a billionaire would say – “you will wear different hats”. You’ll face various styles of snubs, and hatreds. They’ll tell it to your face you ain’t worthy of your authority. But believe me, if you can truly serve your customers rightly, you got nothing to lose.
Don’t think twice about whatever haters say. Most times, haters explode the popularity of your investment. They are the best customers because their aggressiveness would convert when they repent at all.

Lifestyle Change

They didn’t tell me my routines will be altered with. It got me like shock. Your to-do priorities will change to a more herculean, and you’ll rarely have time for common fun you used to have. How would you sit, and play when you actually know how far your investment can fail if things don’t fall right? grin

You’ll need a rapt attention to the responsiveness of your customers, audiences, readers and viewers. You’ll need to adapt and dedicate your whole attention and focus if at all you want success in what you are doing.

Fear and Failure

Fear comes and when you see fear, let it not shock you. You have to smile when fear creeps in because it’s a normal thing to come. See you will fail. Don’t fret. Failure is a great achievement. Because you increase your chance of being more effective and successful in the next agenda, which you should take.

Let your emotions be ready and not be weary when these challenges come.

The fear alone that people would jeer and mock at your back how you started but failed is a top-notch. Well, that is useless and as a matter of fact, that has nothing to do about your reputation, as your popularity even grows the better.

Whenever you fear, remind yourself why you started. The dreams that drove you into investing and how most likely you know it would yield. This is not really a motivation, but a fact you’ll need to face.


Your girlfriend won’t even be a perfect companion �. I’m telling you although, you’ll need her encouragements.
See! No matter how encouraged you are from any family or friend, you will be discouraged due to the surge from loneliness.

You’ld feel like quitting because you’d feel all alone as if a nation’s load is on your neck.
Many times, these people around you would even discourage you to quit. That is when your new beautiful action you plan taking might seem irrelevant to your sibling or even your bosom friend.

And this lonely time is when you should strive to mind your business, as Robert Kiyosaki would tell you. You’ll be lonely just as alone you’d reap the fruit definitely.
This is not a motivation piece as I said, it’s a fact that failure can never cope with you when you mind your business with seriousness and focus.

It’s what I experienced. You cannot know my worth.
I don’t reveal my bank worth to the media and even many of my friends. Loneliness has taught me anonymity to that tense. Business Problems train you.

Hiring and Firing

When you hire and your employee seem inactive or unsatisfying, if you ever had the experience, you’d know that it’s a huge problem to let them know it’s over for them.

Tens of friends asked me they would love to work with me. Sure we’ll share the honey that is flowing. But when they see the herculean tasks, I’ll hear nothing again.
See! It’s true two heads are better than one and it’s a huge task if you do the working alone. I’ve tested it and the magic behind two heads is very profitable.

Nevertheless, the management behind you, the person and the business is very technical. It’s purely a human management if you employ a supporting hand.
Well, the challenge here as I said is how highly mature you must be in leading your team to a greater height. Well, your leadership inquires that you do more research on human management techniques.

Personal Finance

You’ll be broke. I’m not talking about a kind of brokenness when you don’t have any investment.
I’m talking of shortage of funds to meet business miscellaneous requirements. That is why personal finance orientation is essential.

This is our point of angling in decblog Website, and you’ll face difficulties in fund management at certain points in your business online or offline. You need to separate personal funds from business funds.

You shouldnt have one bank account. You mustn’t spend anyhow as you used to do before if you want to keep your business on ground growing.

Apart from that fact that you must save a certain percent of what you earn, you must set a target of a peak amount which you must invest with.
See How Saving Money Can be Your Worst Decision Ever


Making money should be a sort of fun and shouldn’t be necessarily tough to make if you can be happy with what you do or have.

That alone would push you ahead in times of these difficulties. You’d pass over them and your sales would grow! Happy NEW YEAR!

Comment below, and let me see your own flavour on these ideas business problems!


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