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10 Nigeria Professions That Never Escape Law Of Karma


Karma they say is a way nature or life pays you back with your own coin, some profession listed below are sometimes redeemed by their charity and prayers but they still get a little portion of what they do while some are face with everlasting nemesis which must time need God intervention and grace. So ladies and gentlemen let me start by giving you from 10 – 1 Nigeria professions that never escape law of karma and they are:
This class of people are one of the profession that are in the redeem list because God must times show them mercy and grace by reducing their punishments, reason is that they surround themselves with people and religious leaders that always pray for them 24 hours round the clock. For example the Muslims folks most time keeps imams around them by building them mosque in their house or street where many Muslims come to worship, while some resort to feeding people staying with them or visiting. These set of people pray and always give thanks to God for giving them a good but secretly corrupt leader.
The Christian folks are not left out, you see them kneeling at every church pulpit receiving blessings from great men of God and the whole congregations. So sometimes they hold crusade and you see them in every church programs campaigning and promising new projects.
Their sins are face by family member’s examples: Kids will be a drug addict, daughter will be in prostitution, some join bad gangs and harden criminal.
Nigerian pastors and politicians are only the two professions that are in redeem list because they surround themselves with people who solely believed in them. They receive blessings, gifts , money from people and people in their church always pray for them. These pastors can steal from the church purse without been question, they do whatever they like with the congregations but at the end all of their sins are forgiven because they always pray to God for forgiveness but just like life will have it, the repercussion of their sins are been felt by these children.
In school they are the leader or members of different cult group, some are into hard drug and prostitution, some don’t even believe in God or go to church excerpt they are at home with their parent, bad friends and heavy night clubbing etc.
This profession only has self redemption because of the high rate of disappointment they always give their customers which most time comes back to them as curse or arrest etc. everybody has been disappointed by their tailor, some of them collects money from different client but fail to meet up with the work only to start hiding or giving excuse to them, some may damage their client cloths and choose not to refund back their money. Their sins are only being forgiven only when they ask and their consequences are very high.
They eventually close up their shop or run out of business due to bad review from different people, they end up been arrested.
These sets of people are the most curse profession in Nigeria most especially when they take back their light. You see people shouting and raining curse on them even when they try to cut off peoples light, some engage with fight and abuse and most time end in arrest or both parties injured. Their sins comes from illegal extortion of money from people without providing light, some demand money before they reconnect or repair transformer, stealing of armor cable or transformer fuse.
They end of electrocuted trying to steal from transformer, sack from work due to stealing, get injure by aggrieved people etc.
These guys also face the same fate as tailor because they are skills worker, they disappoint people who contracted some wiring job to them, some who are not well skilled end up damaging some home appliances due to wrong connection. Some run away with their client money only to be arrested before they will refund them back.
They end up looking frustrated, some turn to drunkard, they stop getting job due to bad review from people, they run out of business and start working as illegal connector of light for people who don’t pay their electricity bill.

You will only witness these people when you have a car, they can make you spend all your money on your car but the problem still persists. Some will steal some part of your car to use it as a replacement for other people car which they have taken money from. Some will delay your car by working on random place just to make you pay more for time and space.
They end up losing customer; they end of getting arrested, they run out of business, they become frustrated in life.
Due to our corrupt judicial system and unprofessional-ism from some lawyers, we find ourselves with criminals and thieves who claim to fight for your justice, most of them don’t care about the case or their client life, what they only care is money and not to win any case. Some collect money from their opponent just to make the case favor them, some will make sure they prolong the case so that they can see a means of getting money every time they arrive at the court, some lose interest from the case and drop only to frustrate their client and his case.
They never grow in their profession, most of them are nothing but charge and bail lawyers looking for money to eat, they end up getting killed, some are faced with threat and injures most time from the people they cheated on, and some lose their license.
This is one of the toughest profession on the list because they are faced with a lot of temptation during their missions ranging from leaking of information to their enemies, raping women they found in the battlefield, intimidating unarmored civilians, diverting money meant for arm procurement, executing innocent people, extorting money from people and working with drug dealers to smuggle drugs around the state.
The ones that rape women never come back alive for the battle, some lost everything and comes back home empty handed, some are dismissed from services or sometime jailed, some comes back to their village and turn to nuisance and terror group, some end up as armed robbers and kidnappers, some are drug addict and most time run mad.
We have good and caring people in this profession but the bad eggs and Nigeria corrupt medical system has made the bad over shadow the good. 90% of the death in a government and private hospital are as a result of negligence of duties and unprofessional-ism from the doctors and nurses. You see doctors gossiping in their offices while ignoring a patient call for help in their wards, some fail to administer drug to patients at the right time only to start rushing up and down when the situation becomes worst. Some will sell drugs that suppose to be free of charge to patient; some will double your bill just to get extra money from a dying patient. Some Engage in abortion, selling of babies, adding more money to drugs for selfish reasons and having a private clinic or store in a government hospital only to start diverting and selling drugs meant for the hospital for personal use.
The female ones always remain single or cannot conceive so they resort to adoption, some are caught and they lose their license, some are face with the ghost of people they have killed, some of their children end up with a mysterious sickness every time, sometime they end up looking poor and unhappy. Some are faced with untimely death etc.
This profession never escape the karma of life, they are destined to be punish because of the atrocities been committed by them every single day. The overpopulation rate in Nigeria prison is been cause by the Nigerian police force, They abuse your right, they extort you, they lie just to cover their lack of professionalism by accusing you of what you knew nothing about, they collect money from people to torture or put some heavy allegation on innocent people. They take bribe, they leak information to criminals, they detain people illegally just to extort money from them, they sexually assault female detainees, they kill in the name of accidental discharge, they frustrate bailing of people who don’t give them money, they lack the experience to conduct a credible investigation only to end up messing things up. They collect money from different parties and the highest bidder gets their favor.
With all the money they extort from people they still swim in abject poverty, some are dismiss from the force, some end up die, some have no home or property, some end up have different wives and children from different state they are posted too. Some end up as security men, some live a frustrate life, some end up with no wife and kids. Some of their children are cultist, some deals and smuggle drugs using their parent’s protection, some are drug addict and kidnappers.
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